Meet the Doctor

My world -- the Emergency Room -- is a world like no other.  Stress.   Interruptions.  Acute decompensation.  Rescue procedures.  Hope, ever present, often grasping.  Analgesia, compassion, compartmentalization.

Amid the din and chaos, however, is an overwhelming sense of reward that comes from operating in the eye of the storm, from managing multiple critical patients and knowing that what you do -- matters.  The emergency physician operates in the trenches and is cognizant of every detail of patient management, yet simultaneously resides above the fray and from a narrow perch orchestrates the needs of a department.  In my book there is no better job.

Photography is an essential complement to my medical practice. While emergency medicine is defined by the unpredictable -- lights and sirens, unknown affliction, precious few moments to prepare -- image composition is mine to control.  The very eye trained to glean a critical detail from a patient history acknowledges, evaluates and frames the ambient light for maximum impact.  The ER, my world, is a beautiful and stunning place if you know where to look, when viewed through the appropriate filter.  I bring this same filter set with me into the field to capture a traditional beauty of my surroundings that has special meaning to me, for I care firsthand for individuals whose personal reality often extends no further than their four walls  -- and a photograph.


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